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To add to what you said, Mindy has also said during interviews that Mindy Lahiri is "all over the place" re: politics so just because she reads Sarah Palin's book it doesn't mean she's fully conservative. I think she just does what she wants honestly haha


I think that Mindy Lahiri is a conservative in the loosest, loosest sense of the term—kind of like how Danny is a Catholic. Yes, those facts are true, but they are never mined for really serious and meaty conversations. This is the wrong show for those kind of conversations! It is a comedy show! (And here come the mails insisting that I’m wrong, using the word ‘television landscape,’ calling me a racist again…)

I couldn’t agree with the two statements above more :)

Now how about we go to your bedroom and you show me if there’s any room in your closet for me. 

No, no. There’s no space for you in there because that’s where all my pressed jeans go… Okay there’s no room for you. You’ve got this now, okay? 

Maybe we should just go and a check anyway…

I don’t need to check. I’m telling you right now there’s no room for you in there. 

Have sex with me in your closet you dum dum. 

Ooooh, okay. That’s what you’re talking about.  That’s very clever… 

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